Chroma Cards Build Your Own Card Game

Chroma Cards

Play out of the box or build your own card game!

Chroma Cards are a uniquely designed set of cards used to play many different games. Part of the design of these cards takes into consideration individuals that have difficulty recognizing color difference, or when games played in areas that are poorly lit. Simply play some of the many games that have already been published, or use your imagination to invent your own games!

  • Includes 6 games playable out of the box

  • Create your own custom card game

  • Includes games for all ages: kids & adults

  • Card game for colorblind individuals

Card Anatomy

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Pips and “Mega Pips”

These represent the card’s visual identity. In this example you’re seeing a Red Pentagon. Some cards, such as the Action cards, don’t have pips in the corners.

The shape of the pips are also sometimes referred to as the suit, while the colors have numerical values based on the number of circles in the row of mini pips.

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Mini Pips

There are 2 rows of mini pips. The first row is made up of circles. The circles are related to the color of the cards. This can help players who have difficulty recognizing colors. The second row is made of diamonds and is related to the shapes on the cards.


1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Orange
4 = Red
5 = Yellow


1 = Circle
2 = Cross
3 = Pentagon
4 = Square
5 = Star

Types of Cards

Chroma Cards - Base Card
Base Cards

There are 5 colors (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow) and 5 shapes (Circle, Cross, Pentagon, Square, and Star) for a total of 25 cards in the base set.

Chroma Cards - Color Card
Colors Cards

These are cards that represent a color and are not assigned to a shape. However, we have assigned mini pip values to them so they can be used as a suit if desired.

Chroma Cards - Shapes Cards
Shapes Cards

These are cards that represent a shape and are not assigned to a color. However, we have assigned mini pip values to them so they can be added to suits if desired.

Chroma Cards - Action Cards
Action Cards

These are cards that represent an action to be taken when used. Possible uses could be: draw a card, skip a player, trade cards with another player, etc.

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